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1650 sqm


COMO CENTER – HISTORIC PROPERTY for sale in Via Volta Como

The Past Monastery of the Holy Trinity, with church and garden outbuildings, dating from the fifteenth century, is located south of the city of Como. Within the monumental walls at via Volta 87b / 89.  It includes the buildings between Via Parini and Viale Cattaneo.


COMO CENTER – HISTORIC PROPERTY is about 4500 cubic meters ( for about 1,650 square meters of the project). It develops as a shape similar to a rectangle. It also has the major facade overlooking the Via Volta. The district of the old city was Contrada Porta Nuova.

The Real Estate property , of about 4500 cubic meters ( for about 1,650 square meters of the project), develops as a shape similar to a rectangle. Having the major facade overlooking the Via Volta, already Contrada Porta Nuova. It consists of two separate blocks, divided by a big yard. However, both connected by a large porch:

  • one part to the north, also on the border with the Via Parini, already Contrada de Ratti, occupies part of the grounds of the former church of the Holy Trinity (as also evidenced by the frescos and stucco found in the attic and by the exhaustive historical research carried out)
  • the second part, divided into several rooms, patios and terraces, occupies the premises who were accommodations and activities of the Augustinian nuns.

XIX century

In the nineteenth century, the complex was the subject of a heavy transformation project for the construction of the City Salt Market.
Subsequently, the nineteenth century project included a new prospectus, characterized by a ashlar design on the side of the contemporary Contrada Porta Nuova, where there were created three arcs of driveway access for the central courtyard, while the secondary front , on Contrada de Ratti, was characterized by a drawing with blind arches and central windows.
During the twentieth century, the buildings were the subject of radical restructuring work.

The historical bond and the urban functions of the municipal PGT, state that:
the restoration, rehabilitation and conservation maintenance, have as their object the reuse of the building complex for the following uses

Tertiary and / or Residential and / or commercial as well as hospitality.

The Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage has already issued the authorization for a recovery. This project includes residential and tertiary functions. Althought another project for Restaurant-Cafè Store with annexed Boutique Hotel is also under study. However, it is also possible to interpret the entire building as a single dwelling.

The real estate Compendium is for sale as a whole in the state of affairs. Certainly it requires work according to the chosen intended use.


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