Lake Como scenic trails

Lake Como scenic trails in Spina Verde

If you want to see the Lake of Como and the view of the city in a different way you should read this article “Lake Como scenic trails”!

The Lake Como Spina Verde Regional Park is very extensive. In fact it includes the whole area north west of the capital. Different paths start both from Como and from the neighboring towns (San Fermo, Camerlata, Cavallasca).
The Regional Park inside has several sites of natural, archaeological and historical interest.
There are different historical sites you can visit:

  • the Baradello Castle, a fortification built by the emperor Federico Barbarossa on the remains of older buildings, in a strategic place which, thanks to its elevated position over the city, allowed control of the whole surrounding area. The Spanish invaders dismantled it after 1526.
    You can visit the interior of the tower where there are some archaeological finds. From above you can admire a splendid view of Lake Como, the city and on the other side towards the Po Valley and Milan.
  • The trenches of Sasso di Cavallasca;
  • The excavations of prehistoric Como (Golasecca civilization) and the Source of the Mojenca. This source is famous because on December the 21st of each year, on the occasion of the winter equinox, at 4 pm, the sun sets entering the crack of the source, renewing the Celtic rite of party celebration of Yule.
    At least if you are looking for other points of interest that you will find in detail at this link.

The park is crossed in total by 13 paths. Below we describe only some of the possible Spina Verde scenic trails.

Departures from Como

There are numerous starting points that all lead to the top of Monte Croce. First of all what we recommend starts from the magnificent Romanesque church of Sant’Abbondio  and the cloister, head office of the University of Insubria.

A sign, saying Lake Como Spina Verde path indicates the begin of the trail. After that you walk for about 15 minutes. First you pass over a bridge and secondly between some houses you reach the beginning of the path. The path is not particularly difficult, especially because the slope is not at all high. In about 50 minutes you arrive at a panoramic clearing with some benches to rest. The panorama is incredible, ranging from Montorfano, Brunate, Como and the first basin of the lake (in particular Cernobbio).

Panoramic Points of Lake Como scenic trails

From this spectacular balcony overlooking the city it is possible to reach the summit of Monte Croce by climbing a few wooden stairs. In the immediate vicinity it is also recommended to take a break at the Monte Croce hut.
From the hut there are numerous forest paths that lead up to San Fermo or Ca’merlata. On the routes there are other huts (some of which are used today as Scout shelters).
On the road that connects to the Baradello it is possible to admire a breathtaking view of all the crests, equipped with panoramic points delimited by wooden fences.

Photo by Bruno Tettamanti

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