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Property Finding Como! A brand new challenge for 2021

Property Finding Como! A brand new challenge for 2021 

Property Finding Como. What does it mean?

This figure Property Finding borned in USA in the early 90’s. It’s a real estate service for the client with the objective to identify the right property which perfectly corresponds to the client’s necessities.

He is a profesional real estate. Importantly a professional real estate agent. Regularly qualified. Able to search on behalf of his clients the ideal solution for their needs.

Other names are “home hunter”, literally “property hunter”. Above all he is actually the consultant used by those looking for a “tailor-made” service to buy a property that has specific characteristics, according to their needs.

First, to guarantee an excellent service, the Property Finder must have a deep knowledge of the real estate market in the area.
Secondly he must have a vast network of relationships in the area.
That is to say that unlike traditional agencies, which have their property portfolio as their main reference, it significantly expands the research potential of the entire market.
For example  by including private individuals in the research. As well as collaborating with colleagues and evaluating the possibility of acquiring properties, which are currently not on the market.

 The Property Finder also has knowledge to carry out thorough legal checks and the necessary checks to ensure that the property is free from defects and that everything is in order at the cadastral and urban level.

 Once the ideal property has been found, he will take care to follow the customer in all phases of the negotiation, developing a negotiation line, in close collaboration with the technicians appointed by the customer.

Which is the difference between real estate agent and Property Finder?

A Property Finder has access to all properties on the market. You will have the opportunity to view all the properties that are currently for sale in the area of your interest, and not just those in our portfolio as is the case with a traditional real estate agency.

A traditional real estate agent starts from the seller’s needs. Then positioning the property on the market with the aim of finding the best buyer for that particular property.

The Property Finder, on the other hand, positions itself completely on the buyer’s side. First starting from his needs with the aim of finding the property tailored to him. He is a real consultant who protects, advises and above all serves the interests of the buyer.​

Who is the ideal client?

First he is the one who has no time or desire to look for the property alone

The ideal client is the one who wants to save money by entrusting the different phases to third parties

He is the one who fears the pitfalls of the market, related to bureaucracy, regulations and I sought a trusted partner

Client probably lives or works far from the area of interest, but needs to find a solution quickly

Further he is the one who is really motivated to find a property that reflects his needs!

 Property Finding Como “Solobellecase” for you. The dreaming house!

Why should you rely on Tettamanti Re Luxury Real Estate and what does this service cost?

Our mission is to find your ideal property, without wasting time and energy, but guaranteeing you the conclusion of a good and safe deal.

The advantages:

A “tailor made” consulting service

Purpose: to listen to needs. To select. Satisfy the customer.

Targeted search

Single interlocutor. Expert in the sector and in the chosen area.

Technical, tax and financial assistance

A single contact person with whom to relate

Save time and money

Communications also in foreign languages (English, French)

After-sales services


The property search service has the cost of a normal real estate brokerage that will be taken only when you decide to buy one of the properties that we have presented to you and only at the time of the notarial deed.

A brand new challenge for 2021! Becoming Property Finding……… Tettamanti Re Luxury Real Estate!