TETTAMANTI RE is able to offer its customers complete assistance, availing itself of competent professionals, attentive to specific needs, both in the purchase phase and the sale, rent or lease of a property or company.

In particular:

If you intend to buy or lease a property, first we will listen to your requests, your search parameters, we will represent your idea of ​​home, then we will provide all our knowledge of the territory and the products on sale to identify, together with you , the apartment, the villa, the building to be restored that best suits you, accompanying your choice with inspections, advice, evaluations, appraisals, technical, architectural, urban planning, building and land registry, in order to make your choice as safe and convincing as possible.

If you intend to sell or lease a property owned by you or a company, we make a free economic evaluation for free, verify strengths and any critical issues, and discuss it with you. The promotional activity (marketing selling & renting) will be personalized and free publication on our website of an advertisement in Italian and English, as well as on commercial websites of the sector most consulted by the public and the application of a property cartel (if permitted).

We examine your financial needs by preparing a pre-investigation that, if shared and sustainable, will be channeled for the examination of your Bank or one with us, to guarantee security and convenience.

We will follow you in every step, from the choice of the house to its purchase, from the technical verification to the irrevocable purchase proposal by providing for its registration, from the preliminary contract to the request for financing until the final sale, providing, in the case translation and interpreting service. For rentals the same principle of completeness of service is valid: from the choice of the house with the verification of all its equipment, installations and utilities, acceptance of the conditions posed by the landlord, the drafting and signing of the lease to its registration at our care.

The property, in order to be sold and purchased, will have to undergo some compliance checks concerning the building situation and the urban planning functions (which require the consultation of the property documents filed with the competent Municipality), the cadastral compliance and the conformity of the state of affairs. It will also be necessary to examine the origins, the possible weight of mortgages and encumbrances on the property through a view in the Conservatory of real estate registers, the static situation, equipment and compliance of the plants and any defects or faults of work, the certification of energy performance (APE), any private scripts and / or restrictions, easements ….

We are able to assure you qualified assistance and competent advice for every verification to be carried out.

We offer the after-sales service consisting in designing and instructing the building practice by depositing it with the relevant authorities and coordinating all the work (building, plant, flooring, window frames, plasterboard, painting and painting, carpenter’s and locksmith’s works …). build or renovate your home, including final tests, new land registry and request for use.

Also included in the services offered are the administration and management of rents and leases and the building management activity consisting in the technical management and maintenance of an existing building stock.