TettamantiRe JamesEdition is on

TettamantiRe JamesEdition is on

TettamantiRe JamesEdition is on.
JamesEdition was founded in 2008 and today features the largest collection of luxury goods worldwide.
Over 100,000 exquisite items, from rare supercars to celebrity-owned luxury real estates.
With more than 10 million monthly page views from around the world, JamesEdition.com is the unique marketplace for HNWI’s SHNI’s. With products as well as users evenly spread throughout the Americas. As well as EMEA and Asia. We can say that  JamesEdition.com is the only truly global site to market luxury.

JamesEdition website has more than 40,000 luxury homes for sale in over 50 countries. For this reason this is a good opportunity to show our beautiful lake and the most exclusive properties in the most desirable locations. Such as Cernobbio, Torno, Laglio, Bellagio and more others.
If you’re looking for buying a primary or second home, a pied-a-terre or vacation property you’ll find some interesting properties. You can find condominiums, penthouses, homes, estates and even resort hotel ownership options.

What can you find in this prestigious website?

“……Indulge in the most stunning and amazing luxury items on the planet that money can buy and plan your next purchase with useful tips and information. No matter if you are looking for the most jaw-dropping properties along the French Riviera or the rarest supercars in the US, your will be sure to find it all on JamesEdition….. ” 
Their curated lists provide a glimpse into the luxury market and through their experienced team they’re able to present the hidden details and investment opportunities to have in mind the next time you make a purchase.

What can TettamantiRe Luxury Real Estate can offer you?

Pay attention to the customer. Deep knowledge of the local Real Estate Market, especially Luxury Real Estate. Personalized service.
Every client is unique for us and we wait for his satisfaction. Even after offering after-sales services.
We work for a new concept of agency, which prefers the individual approach.

Seriousness, competence, professionalism and quickness are basic in the Real Estate world.

Why choosing Lake Como and his district?

Living on the lake is an excellent investment for your well-being and to take refuge in a quieter dimension.
In the Italian lakes territories there are many places that combine amazing landscapees, enchating mountains. But also history and art. As well as good food and wine.
For privacy reason not all our portfolio is on our website.
Link here to see what we can offer you.

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