About us

About us: Tettamanti Re Como Luxury Real Estate

About us: Tettamanti Re Como Luxury Real Estate” is a long family history.
For three generations. First in the construction company and later as Real Estate Agency. As a result of a deep knowledge of our territory. This is the background of the current brokerage activity in the real estate market, consulting and integrated management of real estate assets.


It was the beginning of the twentieth century when the great-grandfather Paolo Corti started to realize, in Lombardy, public works. Not only provincial roads or river embankments, but also liberty buildings in Brunate.

Later Uncle Elvezio Corti expanded the operational range of the construction activity with the construction. For example in Italy he built  railway lines and hydroelectric basins. In France one of the first bridges in the metal structure of Europe. As well as he restored, on Lake Como, the Abbey of Piona. Built the Fraele dam on Cancano lakes. The hydroelectric plant of Novate Mezzola. The Opera Don Guanella of Como. As well as the finance guard station at the international customs office of Ponte Chiasso.

Tettamanti srl

Angelo Tettamanti, who was suddenly missing, was one of the most active builders of residential buildings in the province of Como. From 1955 to 1990 he built counting single-family and condominium residential realizations. Moreover specializing in restorations.
His sons Pietro and Michele since 1978 worked in the company “Tettamanti”. They were able to providing their training and technical and administrative skills in planning and construction. On their own and / or on behalf of third parties. Residential or commercial buildings.

Building builders and more

Pietro, in the past, held institutional positions in the National Association of Building Constructors (ANCE). He was vice president of the Board of Construction Companies of the Province of Como. As well as President of the Youth Provincial and Centredil Group that groups all the construction companies of Lombardy, active within the National Association in Rome. He was able to consolidate interpersonal and institutional relationships, branched resulting in solid friendships.

The first Luxury Real Estate in Como

Experiences gained in the field that have allowed us to collect and capitalize on the knowledge acquired on the quality and techniques of construction without neglecting the value of the investment. This was the prelude to the last successful real estate brokerage activity started in 1997, with the foundation, together with other members, of the “Benehabitare Srl“. This Luxury Real Estate has contributed, in a decisive way, to revive the interest in the world for the villas of Lake Como. In fact, the purchase contracts have been important and countless, thanks to our intermediation, by wealthy international customers.

People and skills

At the end of 2017, P.i.e. Pietro, Dr. Laura and Dr. Michele Tettamanti decided to continue on their own. Each for their own skills and fields of activity. In the face of changing market conditions. Trying to interpret the new course of real estate investments. That is looming after one of the crisis periods heavier and longer lasting from the post-war period to the present. The new Brand Tettamanti Re combines the matured entrepreneurial experiences and the acquired professionalism. Thanks to the values ​​of the Tettamanti family in the real estate field.

Activities and services

Tettamanti RE Como Real Estate is therefore a company that performs the activity of mediation in the Real Estate and business sectors.
It consists in putting in relation, in a position of independence with respect to the interested parties, even after conferment of a mandate for consideration, two or more parties. These activities are done in order to achievement of the conclusion, between the same, of a contract concerning the constitution or transfer of rights relating to real estate and / or companies.

Complementary activities

To be able to offer a service attentive to the needs of the customer. Allowing them to make choices with the maximum guarantee of safety and tranquility. Our  structure provides a careful analysis for appraisals estimates. Technical opinions. Building and planning verifications. Land registry updates. Drafting of Energy Performance Certificates (APE). As well as planning hypotheses for the recovery and maintenance of real estate, all by the P.i.e.  Pietro Tettamanti. Also using designers and specialists with consolidated experience.

Asset Management Property Management

Our skills also include the integrated management of Real Estate services for third parties. Asset Management. Property Management. Building Management. Facility Management. As well as Market / Selling & Renting Management. These jobs are done by Dr. Michele who has a thirty-year experience in company accounting in the specific sector and in the evaluation of Real Estate investment opportunities.

Taxation and Loan

Finally, but certainly not least in importance, the services for tax administration and advice, the collaboration for obtaining loans and mortgages at Banks or Companies registered in the appropriate Registers required by the Law, will be followed by Dr.ssa Laura who is also a Chartered Accountant, Auditor, and a well-established thirty-year experience in the financial sector having dealt with credit to companies and mortgages to individuals.

A new generation

From the 2019 we have the support of Bruno, the young generation is coming! We need his innovation and his knowledge of languages.

That of Tettamanti RE Como Real Estate is therefore a solid project, full of expectations and motivations, that the protagonists feel they can develop because they have a proven experience and ability to face the future in this constantly evolving field, always staying with the customer.