Parva, sed apta mihi

Small, but suitable for me …….
Taking inspiration from Ludovico Ariosto, who had written it on the door of his house in Ferrara, it was once engraved on the facade of many houses
to express the pride of those who, with great sacrifices, had managed to build the home of life.

From a psychological point of view, the house represents, for us modern Westerners, a private, intimate space
and imbued with multiple symbolic meanings that make it a mirror and reflection of our psychic identity.

The concrete architecture of the living spaces speaks, much more often than we could imagine, of our “internal architecture”,
of our personal ways of establishing borders, shelters and points of contact with the outside and with others

A shelter, a covered place that protects / defends from the outside but which, above all, places a border between an “inside” and an “outside”.

Being at home, going home, feeling at home are all expressions that indicate how much the home represents a deep sense of personal ease and well-being with oneself and with the outside.
How important it is therefore to choose your own home….

When I bring a customer to see a house, I realize if that spark is triggered, that falling in love that makes it clear that this is the dream house …

Here are some Testimonials
who have chosen our agency to visit

property on Lake Como

Gonzalo Higuain El Pipita

He visited with us beautiful villas on lake Como. He was looking for a luxury lakeview villa when he played for A.C. Milan.

He trusted in our competencies: TettamantiRE

ex football player of A.C. Milan, nowadays he is playing for Juventus F.C.


Vibeke & Anders

A Finestra sul Lago Carate Urio Lake Como
danish managers, lovers of our beautiful Lake
seeking for a house where they can spend their holidays with their sons and nephews, perhaps in the future it will be their first home when they retire…
we conclude the day with a great lunch at…. una finestra sul lago Carate Urio

vibeke & anders

Theo Hernandez

Welcome to Italy

from this season playing for A.C. Milan

Theo Hernandez


When you fell in love with a house!
Phoned on Friday. Arrival on Sunday at 11:00 am. Coinfirmed the purchasing the same day at 5:00 pm.
✨✨ Good luck with your project ✨✨

Alexis Sánchez

Arrived last year in Milan he got used to the rhythm of the city and he integrated immediately in his new team Football Club Internazionale Milano

He got fascinated by the beauty of Como Lake, we were pleased to follow him in his visits to wonderful prestigious properties

Alexis Sanchez - Nino maravilla