Lake Como Villas an unforgettable experience

Lake Como Villas an unforgettable experience to visit them or see them from the lake!

There is no other lake in Italy with the greatest number of noble villas of Renaissance or Neoclassical style.

Lake Como, just under an hour from Milan, framed by the mountains, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular Lombard lakes.
Both branches of the Lario offer an enchanted landscape, made up of small villages with cobblestone alleys, gardens and Neoclassical villas set between the lake and the mountains.

A landscape that is easy to fall in love with!!! Therefore Lake Como has conquered in recent times also several Hollywood VIPs, such as George Clooney, making the lake a very glamorous place in Lombardy.

In the past, the neoclassical villas on Lake Como have hosted illustrious characters from the literary world who loved to spend periods of stay on this lake thanks to the favorable mild climate and the unsurpassed beauty of coastal resorts nestled in the Orobie Prealps.

There are many historic villas, buildings that are reflected in the waters of Lake Como and welcome us with spectacular gardens.

Lake Como Villas an unforgettable experience are real jewels of art and nature. Above all special places where you can take a dip in the past and imagine the life you breathed long ago on our wonderful Lario at the time of the Bella Epoque.

The moment of greatest splendor of the Larian villas was the neoclassical one, when several villas were built, commissioned by important Milanese families, becoming places of leisure and social life. There are several testimonies in this regard. The largest concentrations of villas were in Blevio (Villa Cademartori), Torno (Villa Serena alongside the beautiful Villa Usuelli Maria Taglioni), Cernobbio (Villa d’Este), Moltrasio (Villa Fontanelle), Carate Urio ((Villa Ai Cedri) and Tremezzo (with Villa Carlotta), up to Bellagio (Villa Melzi, designed by Giocondo Albertolli) or Villa Rubini Redaelli in Dongo. That is to say unlike the so-called “delight villas” of the Lombard plain, considered centers of organization of family properties and productions agricultural.

In addition to the crowded villas along the c.d. walk to the lake  see our article A journey into the emotions of Lake Como even the areas farthest from the city of Como saw the rebirth of these villas: at least each village on Lake Como still has one.

The lake remains a particular context, not only because it is an incomparable setting to fully exploit the beauty of these buildings, but also because it is a link between the various shores. Among the legends left there is the c.d. distance concert. In other words a distance dialogue between Vincenzo Bellini who was staying in Moltrasio and the singer Giuditta Pasta stationed in Blevio.

After the second half of the nineteenth century there was a general change in the social composition of the commissioning of the villas. From noble families the patrons became the representatives of the industrial bourgeoisie. A striking example was the acquisition of the Villa Gallia, now the seat of the Provincial Administration, by the Crespi family, owners of the Corriere della Sera.

The tastes also changed and we went from the neoclassical style to eclecticism, to the revival of medieval, Romanesque and Gothic styles, up to the stily Liberty (present above all in Brunate and Lanzo d’Intelvi) and finally to Rationalism.

Lake Como Villas an unforgettable experience with examples of eclectic style, like Villa Monastero in Varenna. Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Grandola ed Uniti (Cardano) or Villa Allamel in Cernobbio.
Secondly of neo-medieval style: Villa Gaeta in Acquaseria.
Further of liberty style: Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio, Villa Valsecchi, Menaggio (Loveno). Of a rationalist style: Villa Leoni in Ossuccio or Villa Musa in Como.

Lake Como Villas an unforgettable experience! A beating heart for Lake Como! Pure emotions!

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